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SEO Services by David is based in Plymouth, Devon & serves Cornwall 

Welcome to my new home on the world wide web!

I've been in the world of search engine optimisation (SEO)since 1999 when I set up a website for my Event and Wedding DJ business whilst living in the San Francisco Bay Area. Get Ritzy Disc Jockey Co. was top on Yahoo! and all the long gone search engines AND was doing remarkably well on this new thing called Google :) 

I found it all very, very interesting and found a few SEO community forums in the USA. I joined most of them and everyone shared advice and hot new SEO tips. My DJ business did really well so I started an SEO service in my area of San Francisco. The calls and questions came and I worked with lots of top companies who all enjoyed seeing their websites rank highly on Google!

I could go on but just want you to know this part!

I'm just taking a few jobs now and any ££s or $$s I receive will go toward the  resurgence of Planet Plymouth (formerly Plymouth Buzz) which which will be a new local, to Devon and Cornwall, Social Network giving local people a voice. Run locally! Planet Plymouth is not for profit and all profits will go to a well known Plymouth charity.

If you need good honest help why not give me a call on 07307 607395

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pst! This website cost me absolutely nothing to get together. Thank you Google Sites